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Tendonitis diagnosis

Some tendon injuries are superficial and easy to identify. These include "tennis elbow" (extensor Tendonitis) over the outside of the elbow, and Achilles' Tendonitisjust above the heel of the foot. There are several tendons in the shoulder that can be overused or stretched, and usually a shoulder will have more than one injury at a time. Tendonitis is the biceps, the infraspinatus, or the supraspinatus tendon may accompany a tear of the shoulder ligaments or an impingement of one bone or another. Careful pressure testing and movement of the parts is all that is necessary to identify the Tendonitis.

On physical exam, a doctor will look for tenderness along the affected tendon and pain when the muscle to which the tendon is attached is used against resistance. There are specific tests for specific tendons. The tendon can be inflamed and the overlying skin may be warm and red.

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