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Iliopsoas Tendonitis

Iliopsoas Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon or area surrounding the tendon. Major causes of iliopsoas Tendonitis are acute trauma and overuse resulting from repetitive hip flexion.

Causes of Iliopsoas Tendonitis

The 2 most common causes of iliopsoas Tendonitis are acute injury and overuse injury. The acute injury often involves eccentric contraction of the iliopsoas muscle or rapid flexion against extension force/resistance but also may result from direct trauma. The overuse phenomenon may occur in any activity resulting in repeated hip flexion or external rotation of the femur.

Treatment of Iliopsoas Tendonitis

The primary objective of the acute rehabilitation phase is to alleviate pain, spasm, and swelling. A secondary issue, if necessary, is to return the patient to activities of daily living (eg, walking unassisted). A combination of medication, ice, rest, and gentle stretching assists these goals in coming to fruition. A pack of crushed ice in a damp cloth-covered ice bag applied for 20 minutes every 1-2 hours also can provide the patient with relief of pain, spasm, and inflammation.

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