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Arthritis Resoources in Kentucky

Arthritis Foundation Chapters in Kentucky
Kentucky Arthritis - Orthopaedics
Kentucky Arthritis - Disablilty Resources
Find a Rheumatologist in Kentucky

Arthritis Foundation Chapters in Kentucky

Arthritis Foundation
Kentucky Chapter

2908 Brownsboro Road
Suite 100
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-3506
Toll Free: 800-633-5335
Fax: 502-585-1657
Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 (Eastern)Monday- Friday
E-mail: [email protected]

Kentucky Chapter
Bluegrass Branch

366 Waller Avenue
Suite #102
Lexington, Kentucky 40504-2916
Fax: 606-278-7551
Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 (Eastern)
E-mail: [email protected]


Kentucky Arthritis - Orthopaedics

Kentucky Spine Institute -
A provider of comprehensive care of a variety of spinal disorders in children and adults. Located in Lexington.
Howard Markowitz, M.D. 
Patient information and treatment options for back and neck pain, and other spine disorders to help patients make an informed decision. Located in Lexington.

Find an Orthopaedist in Kentucky


Kentucky Arthritis - Disablilty Resources

Disability Support Services
Ragged Edge, The  - views public issues from a disability-rights perspective; politics, culture, technology, society, issues that affect us all.
ORCCA Technology  - provides assistive technology products including commmunication aids, computer hardware, camera, switches, and multimedia CD-ROM training.
New Vision Enterprises (NVE)  - not-for-profit corporation providing employment services to the blind and visually impaired throughout Kentucky.
Kentucky's Reponse to Olmstead  - information resource for people with disabilities who want to know more about Kentucky's response to the Supreme Courts Olmstead decision.
VSA Arts of Kentucky  - promoting the creative power in people with disabilities throughout the state.



Arthritis Kentucky - Find a Rheumatologist in Kentucky

Bowling Green
Crestview Hills



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