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Viral Arthritis

Viral arthritis is inflammation of the joints that results from a viral infection.

Causes of Viral Arthritis

Arthritis may be a symptom of many viral illnesses. The duration is usually short, and it usually disappears on its own without any lasting effects. It may be associated with mumps, rubella, human parvovirus, and Hepatitis B. It may also occur after immunization with rubella vaccine. This is a common form of childhood joint discomfort.

Symptoms of Viral Arthritis

Joint pain and joint swelling of one or more joints

Diagnosis of Viral Arthritis

A physical examination shows joint inflammation. A serology for viral agents may be performed.

Treatment of  Viral Arthritis

Treatment is usually pain relievers to alleviate discomfort. If joint inflammation is severe, aspiration of fluid from the affected joint may relieve pain. In general, the arthritis is mild.

Expectations (prognosis)    

The outcome is usually good. Most arthritis disappears within several days to weeks with resolution of the viral illness.


There are usually no complications.


There is no known way to prevent viral arthritis


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