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Paralysis Cure

Believe it or not there are cures for many types of paralysis. I am sure that most people who search for the term paralysis cure are looking for information about the possibility of a cure for total paralysis caused by a spinal cord injury. The bad news is we are not there yet. The good news is science is making significant progress. What seemed like an impossibility only a few years ago is now looking like it will be a reality in a decade or two.

If you would like to keep up with current research news the Christopher Reeve Foundation has an excellent news page. Christopher Reeve Foundation research news.

Types of Paralysis that can be cured.

Paralysis is the weakening or inability to use a muscle or group of muscles. There are many causes for paralysis.

Some types of paralysis such as those caused by a virus many times will correct themselves. Bell's Palsy is a virus that effects the muscles in one or both sides of the face. When the virus has run it's course the use of these muscles will usually return to normal.

Many times a localized paralysis is caused buy trauma or inflammation of a muscle or the nerves that service the muscle. As the body heals or the inflammation is treated then the use of these muscles return.

Also diseases like Lyme Disease or Bacterial Meningitis can cause paralysis. Treatment of a curable disease will usually reverse the effects.




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