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I have include the summery from the San Diego Clinic study. Even though it was the first study I have included it last because of the faulty nature of the study. This study was not a double blind study, the number of participants was small and most of all it was done by the Clinic to promote their own product.


The San Diego Clinic Trials of Cetyl Myristoleate

This was a study of 48 patients with mild to severe Arthritis.
The Results: Only two subjects failed to show marked or complete relief of all symptoms of pain and limited mobility normally associated with arthritis. Both of these non-responding subjects had suffered prior hepatic problems: one from alcohol abuse resulting in cirrhosis of the liver; the other, a former professional athlete, presented with considerable liver damage from steroid abuse. Further studies are necessary to determine the role of liver function capacity with respect to this protocol. Liver damage resulting from steroids previously prescribed for arthritis may also prove to be a factor affecting patient response.


Two other subjects showed less than a 75% return of articulator mobility. The balance of all subjects reported 80% to 100% return of articulator mobility as well as a 70% to 100% decrease of pain. Relief of inflammation frequently resulted in at least partial correction of some deformities. Informal independent trials at clinics, by individual medical doctors, and other health practitioners appear to have brought approximately the same results.


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