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If you are not familiar with Cetyl Myristoleate for arthritis
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Arthritis Socks
Homemade Heat Pads

Arthritis socks are men's tube socks that you fill with rice and sew up the top. If you want you can add lavender or other relaxing herb.  You heat them in the microwave for 3 min then it lasts for 15-20 minutes. It feels great, the heat is almost a moist heat....the sock lets it fit under the belly or folded in 1/2 for the back.

A Flat Arthritis Sock

Start with a peach of cotton material. The thicker the material the better. Sew around three of the sides then sew three seams making 3 channels then fill with rice and sew closed.



One of the ingredients in many socks is latex. If you have latex allergies then you need to find socks with out latex or use other material when making arthritis socks.


Oatmeal Sock

Larger arthritis socks made with Rice can be heavy. You can use oatmeal in place of the rice. Not only does this make it lighter but many people like the smell better.










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