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Calcaneal Bursitis

This bursa is located at the sole or bottom of the heel. Inflammation usually produces pain in the heel when standing. Causes include heel spurs, excess weight, injury, and wearing improperly fitted shoes

What is Calcaneal Bursitis

Heel pain or discomfort of the following types: Contusion or bone bruise--Inflammation of the tissue that covers bone (periosteum). Heel spur--A hard bony shelf as wide as the width of the heelbone caused by repeated pulling away of periosteum from the heelbone (calcaneus). The repeated stress or injury causes inflammation and calcification of tendons and ligaments in the foot. Plantar fasciitis--Inflammation of the fibrous band that originates at the bottom of the calcaneus. This hurts worse when running faster or when weight is on the ball of the foot. Heel bursitis--Formation in the heel area of an irritated or inflamed protective sac of fluid due to irritation caused by a heel spur.


Symptoms of Calcaneal Bursitis

Deep discomfort under the heel while walking, running or at rest. Redness. Tenderness. Increased heat.


Causesof Calcaneal Bursitis

Running, jogging or fast walking. Previous serious foot, ankle or heel injury. Repeated heel injury from any cause. Prolonged standing. Obesity.


Prevention of Calcaneal Bursitis

Avoid activities that cause constant foot strain. Wear athletic shoes with good shock absorption in the heel, good flexibility and good support to control side-to-side motion. Don't wear everyday shoes with more than 1-1/2-inch heels.

Diagnosis of Calcaneal Bursitis

Your own observation of symptoms. Medical history and exam by a doctor. X-rays of the heel.

Modified 3-8-04
Information compiled from the National Institutes of Health

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